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Every Inspection includes a 5 year roof protection plan and NXT Structural warranty.

Why is this important to know?

Let’s say you had a home inspection a year ago and now your roof leaks.  So you call your home inspector. The response will likely be, “I’m sorry, you need to call a roof professional. We can’t help you. The report was based on the condition of the roof at the time of the inspection. Best of luck”

If the leak happens within the first year, the response will likely be, ” the best we can do for you is refund your inspection fee, sorry” 

Before you schedule an inspection with any inspection company (including us),  Ask what they’ll do if they miss report or something goes wrong. 

 If you had to call Diamond with a roof leak our response would be,”what is your address, you can relax, there is a $3,000.00 policy in place with a $500.00 deductible. Let’s get your claim started.” 

What to expect with a Diamond Home Inspection:

  • The Diamond home inspection will typically take 3-4 hours to complete.  NOTE: Your inspector is only scheduled to perform 2 inspections a day (therefore they are not hurried).

  • The inspection is based on National Standards.

  • The inspector will review most of the findings from the inspection at the inspection. (You are not required to be present)

  • The inspector will record the model and serial number of most of the appliances and submit them to RecallChek

  • You will receive a digital Inspection report in 2 days.  We take 2 days because the inspector spends the time in the house inspecting not trying to write and deliver a report at the end of the inspection. We take time to review and add pictures so we deliver a  report that is understandable and comprehensive. The Report will have:

    • A summary of recommendations at the beginning of the report

    • The summary items are repeated in the body of the report with pictures

      • Status of systems that were tested, age and lifespan of most appliances, pictures of current condition or locations

      • safety items will be identified

NOTICE: Home Inspectors are not licensed and some are not fully insured

The Diamond Group Home Inspector that inspects your home has all of the following credentials:

Certified ASHI Home Inspector (American Society of Home Inspectors)

Certified Master Inspector (International Association of  Certified Home Inspectors)

Certified Deck Inspector (North American Deck & Railing Association)

Certified Radon Tester (PA State Certification)

Diamond Home Inspectors must undergo ongoing Quality Assurance, complete a comprehensive background check, be drug free, meet ongoing educational requirements and carry a minimum of $1,000,000.00 professional liability insurance.

What You Should Expect- watch the 3 min. video

The Diamond Group was awarded the National Business Excellence Award among over 5,000 home inspection companies.  This is the 2nd award in the past 5 years.

The Diamond Group has over $25,000 in protections and warranties included with the inspection.

We serve all of Allegheny, Washington, Butler, Beaver and Westmoreland counties.    

 Contact Us at 412-DIAMOND (342-6663) to Schedule An Appointment Today!

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We back what we say!  That’s why we were named among the best in the US for Consumer Warranties and Protections.

Diamond is a nationally award winning home inspection company for both Innovator of the Year within the inspection industry and Business Excellence!    A few reasons why the Diamond Group is a nationally recognized inspection company of leadership:

  1. The Diamond Group Reports to National Standards and is NOT influenced by any of the parties to the transaction.

  2.  The Diamond Inspector only inspects up to 2 homes per day so there isn’t a rush to the inspection (average inspection is 3 hours)

  3. The Home Inspection Report uses the most advanced software in the business including pictures, graphs if needed and interactive information tools to empower the client when buying a home or pre-inspecting to sell their home.

  4.  We stand behind our reports. Every inspection includes $25,000 of protections and warranties at no additional costs

Why Choose Us?

“Every Home Is a Diamond” reflects our pursuit of high-quality services. Below are just a few of the advantages we offer:

Experience: We hire only qualified home inspectors in PA with extensive experience, training, and certifications.

Affordability: We keep our inspection rates affordable and offer additional environmental and energy efficiency services.   With all of our inspections we also include industry-leading comprehensive warranties.

Convenience: Homebuyers don’t have much control over timetables and deadlines. If you need a home inspected, we’ll do all we can to serve you as soon as possible.

Don’t take a risk with a decision as important as your future home. To get a quote or to schedule a home inspection near Pittsburgh in Allegheny, Washington, Butler, Beaver and Westmoreland counties contact us at (412) DIAMOND (342-6663). The Diamond Group looks forward to serving you.

Why Home Inspections Are Important

A home inspection isn’t just a good idea; it’s a necessity. When looking to invest in something as expensive as a home, it’s important to know what you’re getting into before taking ownership so you can make clear and complete decisions during the purchase process.    

Reasons to Schedule a Residential Inspection

Contingency: If an inspection uncovers any issues with a home, the buyer can then conduct additional diligence including solutions to further evaluate and correct and/or negotiating with the seller.  This is a financial transaction and the inspection is your opportunity to understand the condition so you can prepare accordingly.  

Safety: Inspections can check for certain issues that may pose a safety hazard to you and your family, like improperly installed wiring or even elevated radon levels.

Protection: As a home may be your most valuable asset, a home should be well maintained to ensure its value remains intact. Home inspectors have knowledgeable advice to help keep a house in better condition and working order.   

Additional Home Inspection Options
  • Certified Wood-Destroying Pest Inspections
  • New Construction (3 phase) Inspections
  • Indoor Air Quality Sampling
  • Infrared (IR) Camera Technology
  • Radon Testing
  • Energy efficiency assessments
Industry Leading Comprehensive Warranties Included with Every Home Inspection
When you choose ASHI, you’ll be working with professional home inspectors who have passed the most rigorous technical examinations in effect today, including inspectors who are required to perform more than 250 professional inspections before they’re even allowed to call themselves ”certified”.
Diamond Inspectors are ASHI Certified
Diamond Inspectors are Master Inspectors