| April 29, 2020

5 Reason To Pre-Inspect your Home(Reinforce Your Price)

A pre-listing inspection can reinforce your asking price. It enables agents to explain how the inspection report—plus any repairs that were made before listing—helped you arrive at the home’s value.  Here are 5 reasons to have your home pre-inspected.  

 1.) Helps You Prepare an Accurate Seller’s Property Disclosure!

    Under Pennsylvania law, a home seller must disclose known defects and problems prior to the sale. This law, the Pennsylvania Real Estate Seller Disclosure Act (“RESDA”), provides the rules and  penalties in the event that a seller is aware of a defect but fails to disclose the problem in writing.

NOTE: The Diamond Group inspection report will include important information to assist you in accurately reporting..

2.) Pricing Your Home Accurately Is Easier! (Price to Condition)

It takes experience and skill to find the pricing sweet spot – too high and buyers will stay away, too low and you miss out on money from the sale. 

The best way to choose a price is to have your home pre-inspected and find an experienced Realtor in your market. Keep in mind it is a struggle with pricing if the state of the home is unclear. Having an inspection before your house goes on the market ensures that you have all the facts, which makes setting a price much easier.

3.) Save money on repairs!

It is always better to know about major inspection issues as soon as possible. Once they are identified, they can be carefully assessed for proper resolution. Depending on the nature of the issue, you shouldn’t automatically assume that everything needs to be fixed. What you do fix, you will likely save money by bidding the work that you need performed. Your real estate professional should advise whether the repairs are necessary to the viability of the sale. You may decide to simply disclose them.  NOTE: if Diamond performs the home inspection we can run the bids past our national experts to evaluate the bids and scope of work.

4.) Eliminate the stress of heat-of-the moment renegotiation of the deal!

Let’s say you don’t have a pre-inspection. After having their purchase offer accepted, buyers begin to get cold feet. For some reason they believe the home inspection is their get-out-of-the-deal-free card if the seller doesn’t renegotiate the price.

Worried couple doing their accounting

The inspection report of the buyer becomes a weapon in renegotiations. Ask your real estate agent how many deals fall through overall because of the home inspection report and what percentage of the sellers /buyers they have represented in the past that experienced renegotiation.

You can avoid renegotiations by passing on your Diamond Group Home Inspection Report, a list of documented repairs performed (if any) and an accurate seller’s disclosure,  including but not limited to disclosing any defects found in the inspection report that you are not willing to address.

This sends the message to the Buyer that the price of the home was based on the knowledge of the current condition of the home. Your real estate agent can let the Buyer’s Agent know that it’s acceptable for the buyer to have their own home inspection but there will not be a 2nd round of negotiations. NOTE: Our research indicates most buyers forgo their own inspection since the Diamond Group inspection report is thorough. They can avoid the cost of their inspection and put the money towards the purchase of your property. This motivates then to purchase your home without renegotiation.


5.) A Pre-listing Inspection is a great marketing tool especially since you can offer Warranties to the buyer when inspecting with the Diamond Group Home Inspections

The more information your agent can provide to pass on to potential home buyers, the better. The pre-inspection report creates a peace of mind for the buyer to make an offer. The pre-listing inspection with the Diamond Group has the following warranties and benefits that can be passed on to the buyer.  These are the Diamond Pre-Inspection warranties:


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