Infrared Scans Are Important to Home Inspections

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Water behind drywall but not visible without infrared camera

Water behind drywall but not visible without infrared camera

Infrared scans aren’t always a service offered by home inspectors. They may be an add on service or part of an inspection package or not offered at all. If they are offered by an inspection company, be sure to check out the credentials of the inspector in regards to training. Without the proper training, an inspector with an infrared camera is similar to asking your hair dresser to take a look at your cars engine, then asking them to render an opinion of what is wrong.
The camera reads temperature differentials. It can’t see behind walls. Many anomalies effect what is seen in the picture. Other tools in the inspectors tool box should be used to substantiate the presumptions of what the camera may be depicting. A bad diagnosis of the problem is worse than not using the camera at all.
If you find a home inspector trained in thermal imaging, hire them. Thermal imaging is currently bargain priced by home inspectors. Probably because a large majority of home inspectors that offer the service haven’t been trained professionally. In most cases you get what you pay for but in this case it is a bargain.
The Diamond Group Home Inspectors are trained and certified in thermal imaging.

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