Inspection VS. Home Warranty

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Each serves a different purpose and ideally they work together to protect the home buyer and reduce the risk of home ownership.  As a buyer, you are purchasing 100% of the home and 100% of the risk.  You are more than likely purchasing the home with the assistance of a bank loan but the bank is not assuming any of the risk.

Think of the difference of an inspection vs. a home warranty in this way.  Once a year you are required to have your car inspected.  Your car had warranties assigned to it at the time of purchase.  The dealership offered you additional warranties at the time of purchase.  They know you will need to have your car inspected yearly, yet they offered you warranties because the warranty reduces the risk.  Just like an inspection reduces the risk, but they are obviously different.

Offering a professional inspection was a given when your company name is Diamond but there are other companies that offer a professional inspection.  How to create a Diamond experience was the challenge.  The answer?  Recognizing the importance of warranties when purchasing a home, the Diamond Group studied what most Real Estate warranties address and added more coverage. The answer was! Stand behind your inspection and include additional warranties that increasingly protect the buyer and reduce the risk. It starts with a 5 Year Platinum Roof Protection Plan, 90 day Mold Safe Warranty, 90 day Warranty on Structural Items, 90 day Sewer Guard and ReCall Chek.  All part of “The Diamond Choice” inspection package that also includes a pest inspection and radon test.

The Diamond Choice Inspection coupled with a home warranty from your Real Estate agents company creates a blanket of warranties over your new home.  This should help you relax when considering the 100% risk you are buying.

Ask your agent if they know of any inspection company that offers as much.


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