Mold Testing and Indoor Air Quality Testing with Guaranteed Results

The Diamond Group Home Inspections tests for Mold and Indoor Air Quality.  We are an independent 3rd party Mold testing company. Mold is a severe health hazard that can exacerbate or cause allergies, breathing problems, headaches, and even medical conditions that require hospitalization. If you suspect mold in your home or business, contact us to leverage our leading Pittsburgh mold inspection services.

We’re a full-service inspection firm that specializes in mold and indoor air quality testing and consulting. Our services are available to homebuyers and homeowners in all of Pittsburgh and surrounding counties: Allegheny, Washington, Butler, Beaver and Westmoreland. Contact us at (412) DIAMOND (342-6663) to get a quote on an indoor air quality test today.

Mold Testing

Bio tape mold testing in Allegheny County

Bio tape is used to take mold samples

To discover if your property actually has mold, your mold inspection begins with a visual assessment.  Your mold inspector will be looking for evidence of “microbial” growth or mold.  If there is evidence of current or former growth noted, the inspector may use a swab or bio tape lift to secure a sample to be sent to InspectorLab   This type of growth is usually caused by water intrusion or excessive humidity.  During our evaluation, we’ll measure the moisture and humidity inside your home. We may also use a thermal imaging camera that allows us to identify any moisture hidden in the structure of your home.

After the visual assessment, we’ll take several indoor and outdoor samples.  Then, we’ll log the samples and overnight them to a certified laboratory (InspectorLab), in order to have them examined for traces of mold spores. The results of mold testing are summarized in an easy to read report same day, once the lab has received the samples.

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When do you need a mold Surface Sample taken?

  • When visible or suspected mold is present.
  • Where a cleanup or removal of visible mold has taken place
  • When a 3rd party will be involved in remediation of the mold to ensure the measures taken to repair have been effectively performed

Indoor Air Quality Testing

mold air test in Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, PA

Air Quality Sample taken outside for base comparison

Your mold testing professional, after inspecting your home, will determine the number of air samples that will need to be taken inside your home.  There will also be an air sample taken outdoors to be used as a baseline or control sample.

Air samples are taken by using an air testing pump and collecting the sample in a cassette known as an Air-O-Cell. The pump samples the air for 10 minutes.  The cassette is then sealed.  Once the samples have all been completed, the mold inspector will log each sample and overnight them to InspectorLab.  The results are same day once the lab has received the samples.

When you should consider an Indoor Air Quality Test?

  • When a recent or past water event suspected
  • A “musty” or “woodsy” odor is detected
  • An occupant of the home is predisposed to respiratory distress
  • Mold remediation recently took place and you desire to verify the effectiveness
mold air quality test in Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, PA

The AIR-O-Cell is sealed before and after testing for mold.

Indoor Air Quality Testing with a Comprehensive Moisture Evaluation

Property values can be greatly effected by moisture and mold.  Your families health can be directly or indirectly effected by mold.  Testing for mold makes sense.  Testing for mold by an independent 3rd party makes even more sense.  When you order a comprehensive moisture evaluation with The Diamond Group Home Inspections, your inspector will attempt to find the source of the problem so the problem can be corrected.  You will also be advised how to avoid problems in the future.

When you should consider an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) test with a Mold & Moisture Evaluation?

  • When the home has sat vacant for a period of time
  • A major water event historically is suspected
  • When you have general concerns about the house
  • If your home inspector advises you to have an IAQ test
  • This service becomes especially important when there is a suspected mold issue and no home inspection was performed


We offer an exclusive guarantee with our mold testing services.  If you have mold testing performed with our company and the results are good, and you later see mold, we’ll pay to remove all visible mold.

Get a copy of the terms and conditions of the Guarantee by calling us at (412) DIAMOND (342-6663).


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