Radon, Is it worth testing?

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The Diamond Group is often asked if measuring Radon levels in a home is important. This unfortunate example may be the best answer.

A few days ago a radon test was ordered for a home that had just been tested for Radon. The seller of a home had received the results of a Radon test performed on their home by a test company hired by a potential buyer. The test identified a radon level higher than 100pCl.  The level of 4pCl is considered a failure.

The Diamond Group placed 2 Radalink Radon testing units at the property. One unit in the basement and 1 on the 1st floor. The results of the test confirmed the findings of the buyer’s test. The seller has hired a mitigation company to bring the Radon down to safe levels. The good news is that Radon can be mitigated.  The bad news is one of the owners unfortunately passed away from cancer.

For those of you who don’t understand what Radon is, here is a short explanation. Radon is a colorless, odorless gas created by Uranium in the ground decaying at a constant rate. The amount of Uranium in the ground under a homes’ foundation and the amount of Radon entering a home is unknown unless it is tested. There are many variables that effect the concentration of Radon in a home. Radon is a carcinogen. Second only to cigarettes. Pennsylvania happens to have the 2nd highest concentration of Uranium in the states. Radon has a powerful negative effect to children since their lungs are still growing.

The Diamond Group supports testing for Radon by pricing the test as part of our Diamond Choice Home Inspection plan at a nominal cost. We believe every home should be tested for Radon. The Diamond Group doesn’t offer mitigation services, we believe in independent testing.

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