Rarely am I inspired to write a review for a company or product.

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Rarely am I inspired to write a review for a company or product. Most often, I’m neither happy nor disgruntled enough to take the time to share my experience. My experience with The Diamond Group Home Inspections, however, was a pleasant exception.


Purchasing a home is a detailed (and often draining) process. Once you’ve found a house to purchase, you’re inundated with requests from everyone involved in the process, and you’re up against a rigid timeline. One of the most worrisome steps in the process is the home inspection. It’s a nerve-wracking appointment that can leave homeowners confused and worried.


When it came time for to schedule my home inspection, I chose The Diamond Group Home Inspections, a company that claimed to do it all — the inspection, radon testing, and pest inspection — for a reasonable price. Needless to say, as the day of the inspection loomed nearer and nearer, I was anxious about the results of the inspection, not being able to understand or decipher the inspection report, and being left overwhelmed and confused after the day was over.


I can truly say that, in working with The Diamond Group Home Inspections, my fears could not have been more unfounded. I received excellent, prompt customer service and trustworthy advice and suggestions. Most importantly, though, I walked away from my home inspection feeling entirely confident in the inspector and the results of the inspection.


When we arrived for our inspection, our inspector, Don, had already began to inspect the outside of the home. He met us in the driveway, greeted us, and handed us a house-shaped cardboard box that contained a notepad, water, a snack, a pen, and a tape measure. This adorable special touch was just the beginning of our incredibly positive experience.


During our very thorough, three-and-a-half hour inspection, Don went through the house, room by room, light switch by light switch. Along the way, he pointed out maintenance tasks, identified safety hazards, and patiently answered the many questions we asked. He was very knowledgeable and offered insight and tips on everything from the attic pull-down door to the filters in the furnace.


When our official inspection report arrived, I was immediately relieved to see that every single issue Don had identified during the inspection was included in the report in sufficient detail. Having this easy-to-understand record of the inspection was invaluable. In fact, we intend to use the report as our ‘to-do’ list when we move into the home.


I truly could not have asked for a better home inspection company or inspector. If you’re still on the fence about hiring The Diamond Group Home Inspections, take my endorsement and make the appointment. You won’t regret it.


–Kate T

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