Why accept getting snubbed by the builder when constructing a new home?

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I was asked the other day about radon in new construction. The question was, ”Should I have the builder install some piping for a future radon system during construction. He said I could have it snubbed off in the basement. Or should I wait until a buyer of my home tests for radon someday and if the house fails, have a system installed then?”
Do you think the buyer wants to see 4″ white pvc pipes running from the basement to the roof line outside when it could have been avoided? Are you not going to have your house tested for radon once construction is complete? Why take the chance of living in a house with high radon levels?

When constructing a new home you should have the builder install piping dedicated to radon removal. The pipe should run inconspicuously through the home ending above the roof line. Where the pipe passes through the attic, the builder should run a dedicated electrical circuit for the possibility of the need for a radon fan. This way, power is conveniently available should a fan be necessary and the fan should always be attached to a dedicated power source.
By having the piping for radon installed this way, a passive mitigation system has then been created. Having the builder snub off piping in the basement is doing nothing more than avoiding cutting through the concrete slab if radon testing results in a reading of 4 Picocuries per liter or higher. This will save a small amount of money but it is not a passive mitigation system.
Radon is a class 1 carcinogen. It is the second leading cause of cancer behind smoking. It poses a serious health risk.
Have your home tested for radon once the home is completed. You should not wait to test for radon for any reason.

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