Why Should Your Home Be Move-In Certified?

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pre sale home inspection from The Diamond Group

At The Diamond Group, our primary goal has always been to help Pennsylvania home owners achieve peace of mind knowing that the home they’re about to buy or sell is structurally sound. One of the ways we consistently deliver on our promise? Move-in certification. When a home is move-in certified, it means our experts have leveraged their insight and expertise to guarantee that a home is ready to buy or sell.¬† From both a buyer’s and seller’s perspective, a move-in certified home is a safeguard against unexpected deficiencies and future costs. ¬†Specifically, a move-in certified home can help homeowners:

Attract More Buyers

It’s no secret that the real estate market can be competitive and that sometimes months can go by without an offer. While there are many factors that affect a home’s market appeal, making your home move-in certified is a simple and effective way to gain a competitive edge. With our pre-sale home inspection, buyers know with certainty that your home is free of mold, pests, structural weaknesses and the host of other potential deficiencies we check for as part of move-in certification.

Save Time and Hassle

Why wait until after a buyer conducts their own inspection to realize that your home has major structural issues that force the buyer to walk away? When this happens, not only is a deal broken (or your asking price sharply reduced), but you’re stuck with the responsibility of fixing the issue after the fact. This causes even further delay in the selling process and often means you’ll need to find another buyer. With move-in certification, homeowners can identify deal-breaking issues and remediate beforehand.

Justify Price

While negotiating your asking price is an inevitable part of selling a home, you’ll be able to better justify what you’ve asked for (and convince buyers it’s a good deal) with extra guarantees of quality, like move-in certification. Invest in move-in certification today and get a higher return on investment at the bargaining table.

Gain Peace of Mind

From the purchaser’s perspective, a move-in certified home offers invaluable peace of mind. A walk-through of a home at an open house can only reveal so much, and while a buyer may elect to conduct their own inspection upon purchase, by then they’ve already invested the time and effort into striking a deal. Buyers seek peace of mind in knowing that unexpected expenses resulting from deficiencies won’t arise in the near future.

Make your home move-in certified by contacting leading home inspectors in PA, The Diamond Group, at 412-DIAMOND!

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